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  • [ True 1080P HD Resolution Security Camera ] The wireless security cameras comes with true 1920*1080P, which can clearly represent on-site details. 160° wide-angle lens gives you a larger viewing area. This mini security camera can be run for 24hrs, When the tiny wifi security camera is connected to WiFi, you can at watch live video from anywhere. Without internet access, you can also use the hotspot working mode of the wireless camera for short-distance viewing.
  • [ PIR Motion Detection Alarm and Push Notification ] PIR is a human body sensor, a the state of the art technology in a high-performance mini surveillance cameras. It will detect when human activities occur effectively, and the mini wifi camera will send a push notification to your phone, and an alarm recording will be generated ,which is automatically stored in the free cloud storage(You can also turn off cloud storage ). You don't have to worry about the SD card being damaged either.
  • [Automatic Night Vision and 8 Invisible Infrared Lights] When the small wireless security camera detects a low light environment, The infrared light built into the wifi camera will automatically turn on. In total darkness,the 8 Enhanced invisible infrared light can see clearly in nighttime environment.the portable camera for indoor/outdoor is connected to WiFi,Then you can view live video on the App remotely from anywhere in the world. small security cameras keep an eye on your home and office.
  • [AI Controlled Low Power Consumption Management] The wireless mini camera can continuously recorder audio/video for 4-5 hours (Unplugged).Built-in 1200mA battery, You can set the mini camera to work in ultra-low power consumption mode, where it can stand by for 120 days+. When the PIR sensor detects human movement, the smallest wifi security camera automatically starts to record. You can also plug in an external power supply to micro mini camera, and the mini camera will always work.
  • [Friendly APP Interface and After-Sales Service] The wifi nanny camera has a good performance in recording with 1080P HD video ,The free APP provided for you is simple to operate, We provide a variety of installation accessories , it can be easily installed in homes, indoor, offices, apartments, car and other places,Protect your famil, kids, baby. If you are looking for a high-performance mini nanny camera, this is your best choice, so please add the samllest nanny cam to your shopping cart!

Product info

In Wireless Security Camera We Are Professional Manufacturer

- Are you looking for a easy-to-use mini security camera?

- Are you looking for a portable nanny cam with a long battery life?

- Are you also worried that the ordinary mini security cameras sold on the market get too hot in use and are concerned about its safety?

Anlork has been engaged in the development, design and production of wireless cameras for more than 20 years. It is a professional high-tech enterprise of home surveillance cameras. We use the most advanced solutions to provide users with high-quality and professional wifi security cameras. The image color is true, the definition is high, the night vision ability is strong, and the performance is stable. There is also a variety of installation methods, and an app which is easy to set up.

Through our products, you can meet your monitoring needs, such as home and office monitoring, elderly care monitoring, child care monitoring, nanny monitoring, apartment and office monitoring, pet monitoring, car monitoring, temporary monitoring needs, etc. You only need to connect the mini camera to wifi. No matter where you are, you can get real-time video from the small security camera through your mobile phone. Without internet access, you can also use the hotspot working mode of the mini security camera for short-term viewing.

What is PIR

It is a passive infrared radiation sensor that senses movement by detecting the heat generated by the human body. Passive refers to only responding to received radiation, so it doesn’t actively send signals or scan an area. PIR sensors are very complex and sophisticated equipment. It can accurately detect the presence of humans, and the wireless security camera only turns on when it detects that. Otherwise, it is in a dormant state, and this greatly increases the standby time of the wireless mini camera. It It can standby for 120 days+ in ultra-low power consumption mode. (the security cameras is not actively recording in standby mode).

The security camera’s built in 1200mA battery can continuously record the image and audio for 4-5 hours (unplugged). The battery also has a power display to indicate if it’s charging or discharging. Of course, you can also use an external power supply to keep the wifi security camera recording.

Automatic Night Vision

When the wireless nanny cam detects a low light environment, the image will switch from color to monochrome lighting automatically. This way, there will be colored footage during the day, and monochrome footage at night. Also, the infrared light is turned on simultaneously to make the night environment more clear, This aligns with the demand of 24 hour monitoring.

The mini nanny camera, you can also manually switch from color and black and white video.

In total darkness, the 8 infrared lights can provide clear images in low light environments.

True 1080P Resolution & 160 Degree HD Lens

The wide angle lens will allow you to clearly see the environment with a larger area. The image will also not be distorted, Such mini nanny camera can work 24 hours continuously on recording video/voice ,making it the perfect wifi security camera for 24 hour surveillance.

Alarm Push Notification

The mini wifi security camera will only send notifications when it detects human activities using the PIR sensor. Your phone will receive this notification, and it will automatically record and save it using your free cloud storage. You can always see the movements of the invaders anytime and download the evidence. You don't have to worry about mini security camera and SD card being damaged either.

SD card video recording storage and Free Cloud Storage

The wireless security camera is compatible with up to a 128 GB memory card (not included) and it also supports loop recording. You can record manually, and the file will remain in the app. Alarm recording will automatically record and save it using your free cloud storage, This recording is also available to download at any time. The wifi security camera works even without a memory card.

Powerful APP Management

This mini wireless camera supports Apple and Android phones and tablets.

Supports multiple security cameras / supports multi-user access, and supports mini security sharing / Supports alarm recordings and free cloud storage / Supports remote access to video files and download / Support firmware online upgrade/ Support power display/support SD card formatting and use capacity display.

Easy to Install and Use

We provide 360- degree brackets, double-sided tape, flexible rigid Cable and other accessories, which can be installed easily.

The size of the wifi security camera is very small, and the working status indicator can also be turned off. This makes it very easy to hide in the home or office environment. The application is super easy to use, it has a lot of functions including recording of the video, taking photos, etc. The wifi spy camera works even without a memory card.

Package Includes:

-1x Mini security camera / -1x 360 degree rotating bracket / -1x User manual / -2x 3M double-sided tape / -1x Flexible rigid cable / -1x USB charging cable / -1x Card reader

What can this wifi security camera do?

True 1080P , can watch live images clearly!

The 160- degree wide-angle high-definition lens allows you to view more areas!

Real-time monitoring and save and extract evidence from this mini security camera. Protect you and your family.

The alarm video can also be saved in the cloud space for free, so there is no need to worry about the camera and SD card being damaged!

What this wireless security camera can do:

Help you take care of your family. You can watch them anytime and make sure they’re safe and not in danger.

Take care of your home safety. When an outsider invades, you get an alarm, and it will automatically begin recording.

Help take care of your pets. You can watch their activities at any time, which can be very adorable.

Act as a dash cam in your car, and you can get videos of driving or parking.

You can place it anywhere, it is small enough, very convenient to install and hide, such as doorways, garages, gardens, courtyards, rooms, offices, apartments, rental houses, cars, camping, etc., as well as your temporary monitoring needs because of it Small, it has a battery, which is very suitable for your needs!


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